Artist Bio

I am an interdisciplinary artist. I paint, I make videos, and I do installations about feminine power, value, and energy. I live with my young daughter, and my Architect husband. I have spent part of the year living in Italy, part of the year living in Texas, and now part of the year in New York as I finish my Masters with NYU.

Italy had a strong impact on my work. I discovered materials there that I fell in love with. I saw a profound depth of beauty in a world marked by the passage of time. I connected with natural materials, and the care in the handmade. I breathed in the classic and the contemporary. Through the same breath, I took in Bill Viola at the Venice Biennale, and Giotto at his Arena Chapel in Padua, and so much more.

Process is very important to me, a kind of obsession perhaps. I am physically involved in the steps of the making: the measuring and cutting of the restoration linen--chosen for it’s strength and its delicate nature, the hemming of the linen so that it can be stretched or hung like a tapestry, the soaking and boiling of the rabbit skin glue that is used for sizing the canvas, the sanding, the making of the gesso with crushed marble and rabbit skin glue, the application of multiple coats, the cracking, the sanding, the sealing, the drawing, then making the oil paints by hand. The same is true with the video pieces and installation work. Though the medium is contemporary, the time and care that it takes, especially in the editing phase. are intense.

The subjects of my work always reflect my personal journey. I came back to my art after spending some time in an executive level management job running art theatres. I left that job to be creative—to have a baby and to renew my commitment to study and make art. The shift for me was profound. My world went from one extreme to another, from helping to manage a fair sized national organization, to sitting in a rocking chair, nursing for 10 hours a day. I was suddenly experiencing my own strength and value in drastically different ways, in ways that expanded my earlier understanding.

With my growing daughter’s little hand in mine, and with my paintbrush in the other hand, I started to question my understanding of my own power and value. I now saw myself as more than a strong leader, friend, lover, teacher and businessperson. I also saw myself as a creator whose strength was in patience and caring beyond my own self-interest.

I started to question how and why successful women stand in their power. I started to notice all of the conflicting messages that I take in about my sex from the world around me. I started to notice the ways that we reveal and conceal parts of ourselves (physically, intellectually, emotionally, etc.) I started to notice how we tear ourselves and one another down. I started to wonder how much I alone can affect my daughter’s feelings of value, power and success in the world. I started to, and I continue to inject myself into my work as I explore questions about power and value through the lens of our cultural understanding of beauty, intelligence, emotional connection, creativity, and sexuality.